Friday, 28 May 2010

Dress with White Collar

Bought this 1940s dress on eBay a few weeks ago, I love it! It fits perfectly and has a really lovely collar (which is detachable with poppers!), and buttons at the front.

Dress: vintage, eBay / Shoes: Office / Earrings: Topshop

I still haven't mastered the trick of getting good and flattering photos of myself yet! My sister took these as I was about to go out so we had hardly any time, I have some weird facial expressions going on!

Also, I'm selling lots of 50s style clothes on eBay here.


  1. What a pretty dress! I'm having such a hard time finding some at my local thrift store's. Do you know any good websites besides ebay and etsy?

  2. Beautiful dress! The collar is so adorable! And you are a fantastic model!

  3. Gypsy with a Camera: Not really, I only really look on ebay or etsy, I think they tend to be cheaper.

    Anne-Marie: Thank you!

  4. Beautiful dress! It looks great on you.
    -Andi x

  5. Gosh, you look fab! I love that dress and your blog.

  6. That is a beautiful dress, such a lovely shape and I love that collar!