Sunday, 6 June 2010

Shoe and Fabric Shopping

Sorry for the lack of blog posts this week, I've spent the last 5 days staying in Canterbury with my cousin. Had a lovely time and enjoyed the weather, though it being so hot made me rush out to buy new shoes as I didn't have anything summery enough with me! I'd had my eyes on these sandals from Office for a while, so bought them and wore them non-stop.

We also went to Whitstable for the day which is a lovely seaside town. I love all the little shops on the high street, and found myself buying quite a bit of fabric from the fabric shop there:

I'll make myself an A-line skirt with the white linen mix fabric, and a summer dress with the mint green polka dot – I am loving mint green at the moment! I got the polka dot in eggshell blue too, which I'll make into the blouse from this pinafore pattern. I was inspired to get the green after buying this pattern, I am dying to make the dress!


  1. I love mint green too :) But unfortunately I can't sew so I guess the only way to have a great dress is to find a good dressmaker.

  2. The shoes are lovely!
    The pattern for the green dress is perfect, I've been wishing to sew something similar myself, but haven't really the skills yet. Maybe for next summer =) Really looking forward to seeing how the dresses turn out!

  3. Ah, I absolutely LOVE the mint green fabric! Can't wait to see the dress :)