Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Retro Swimwear

Now that my exams are over, I can look forward to a summer holiday and sorting out a holiday wardrobe. Bikinis first (click pictures for sources):

When it comes to vintage-inspired swimwear, and in particular high-waisted bikinis, there really isn't that much out there! These are what I've found so far, though I want bust support so I'll probably get an underwired bikini top and mix and match with the La Senza bottoms. If anyone can suggest any others it would be really helpful!

1 What Katie Did
2 Urban Outfitters
3 Modcloth
4 Miss Fancypants
5 La Senza
6 Jitterbuggin on Etsy


  1. I love vintage bikinis, i wish i had the body to be able to wear one!

  2. I am a HUGE fan of my Esther Williams brand bathing suit. Yes, THE Million Dollar Mermaid of the 40s has a label! Jitterbuggin's striped suit is ADORABLE!!

  3. I think vintage bikinis are so much more flattering than modern low-rise ones!
    I know I absolutely love the stripes of the Jitterbuggin bikini!

  4. I was looking for a bathing suit earlier this year, and ended up with the "Classic black Marilyn" from

    I need a new bikini too, but from experience I find it a bit risky to order the top online ;)

  5. I. Love. These.

    Waaaay better fashion for swimwear on this post than what we actually have now!

  6. Margarita: they are all really cute! I've got a couple of suits but fancied a change, a bikini seems extra summer-y. I know what you mean about the top, but love it when companies have free returns!

  7. Lovely photos! I know some of the vintage-inspired stores have bikinis, like What Katie Did. However, I can only look longingly at them, since for some reason most repro-manufacturers only makes halterneck tops =( I need a good bust-support, so I'm sticking to my old but really good bikini, even though the shorts are a bit low-cut.
    Good luck with your shopping! =)

  8. Those are lovely; high-waist bottom is so much more flattering! Have you seen the ReVamp Vintage's Lexy suit? Not sure how much support that top has, but the bottoms are great:

    Also the Babette:

  9. The revamp ones are great, but just too expensive for me!

  10. Thanks for featuring Miss Fancypants. My Grace 2 piece features a super high waist - it is super cute on!