Monday, 14 June 2010

Mint Green Love

Since buying the mint green and white polka dot fabric here, I have noticed clothes of this shade in shops so often! I really love this colour, and wanted to share some of the images I've come across lately that make me want to wear nothing but mint green:

1 Vintage slip on eBay
2 Vintage dress
3 Mint green shoes and skirt on the Freelancer's Fashion Blog
4 Vintage buttons
5 Mint green decor
6 Vintage satin dress
Also, here's a reminder of the mint green cupcakes I made a while ago.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hair Flowers

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, have been really busy finding a new house for September. Just a quick pic of hair that came out well using hot sticks. I'm planning on having it cut and dyed a lighter shade of auburn soon, can't wait for a change!

I bought these cute flower clips from Accessorize, and the top is from Tara Starlet.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Shoe and Fabric Shopping

Sorry for the lack of blog posts this week, I've spent the last 5 days staying in Canterbury with my cousin. Had a lovely time and enjoyed the weather, though it being so hot made me rush out to buy new shoes as I didn't have anything summery enough with me! I'd had my eyes on these sandals from Office for a while, so bought them and wore them non-stop.

We also went to Whitstable for the day which is a lovely seaside town. I love all the little shops on the high street, and found myself buying quite a bit of fabric from the fabric shop there:

I'll make myself an A-line skirt with the white linen mix fabric, and a summer dress with the mint green polka dot – I am loving mint green at the moment! I got the polka dot in eggshell blue too, which I'll make into the blouse from this pinafore pattern. I was inspired to get the green after buying this pattern, I am dying to make the dress!