Monday, 5 July 2010

Stripes and Turbans

I love a stripe just as much as I love a turban, here are my favourite combinations of the two:

From this picture I've posted before.

You have to wait about a minute before the appearance of the turban, but it's worth it! Isn't this an amazing Eleanor Powell clip?

Sorry for my lack of posts lately, it seems being on a break from university means a break from anything else on a regular basis.


  1. What a great clip. All those beautiful vintage swimsuits! I love Eleanor Powell too, but I have never seen that film before... I must track it down.

  2. Oh, fantastic. Turbans + Eleanor Powell? What a dynamite combination!

  3. Wonderful clip! I also love turbans, but wish I was better at them!

    Are you familiar with Susannah's blog, Cargo Cult Craft? In this post there's a WW2 video tutorial in different ways to tie a turban. I really ought to practice more... =)

  4. Thanks Erika, yes I'd seen the video but lost the link!