Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Retro Sunglasses

The next bit of my summer wardrobe to be organised has been sunglasses! I've bought two pairs already, both of which happen to be from Topshop. Last summer I had a couple of pairs of 50s cat's eye style sunglasses, but this time I wanted a pair similar to the white round glasses I've seen in lots of vintage images:

August 1939 cover for Vogue

Not entirely sure where I found this image but I love it, I think it's taken in the Jardin Luxembourg, Paris

Therefore I was really pleased to find this pair in Topshop for just £15


  1. Hi there. It's nice to see that its just not me being a newcomer in the blog world ;)
    I really like your posts so far, keep it up! ..and you've got yourself another follower as well :)

  2. Those glasses are very cute. They really suit you too! Wish i could pull of round glasses... I just stick to my cats eye ones.

  3. Those sunglasses looks great on you! I've also been thinking about more round glasses, they seem more 40s, and the cateyes more 50s =)
    Very cute blog, btw!

  4. I'm dying for a pair of 30s sunglasses...what a GREAT find you've got there!! Thanks for visiting my own blog and posting such a lovely comment. Glad I found you! xoxo